Employee Caught Smoking Pot - Bob Evans

My husband myself and our three grandchildren are regular customers of Bob Evans tipp and troy. On this day 10-15-14 we ate the tipp city one. Our food was wonderful as always and our service was great. It wasn’t till we left and was approaching our vehicle when my husband said do u smell that is smells like pot!

As we got up to our van there was a green cavalier with a blind woman inside I believe we startled the woman because she looked panicked. My husband, being out spoken at times, simply asked the woman if she was just smoking pot as I assisted my grand kids in the van. The blind woman then got out her car in uniform of Bob Evans and replied “mind you’re own bussisness”. We was floored.

I noticed her name tag it read Channel. My husband later went to call and that same woman answered the phone worried the woman would not put a supervisor on the phone my husband hung the phone.

We enjoy eating at Bob Evans but will in the future make the 8 mile drive to troy. This Situation has changed our views in tipp city.

Bob Evans – Tipp City

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