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I had a long day so I decided to unwind with some delicious blue bell ice cream. So I got my a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream and watch some TV. (It was about 9:30 p.m) so I had a bowl of blue bell ice cream, made with milk, sugar and cream. Sounds delicious right? Wrong.

As I was eating my ice cream I get about half way done when I put a spoonful of ice cream in my mouth. I immediately spit out my ice cream. Why? Because there was something in my icecream…

What I found in my ice cream was shocking. I flip on the light and take pictures of what was in my icecream. What is it you ask?? It was a piece of black plastic with brown green tiny egg looking things on it!!

I didn’t know blue bell now made ice cream out of “milk, sugar, cream and random black plastic with brown stuff on it”. I have no idea what it is and I wish to know. I hope someone important will read this and understand where I’m coming from.

Will this hurt me? Get me sick? My family sick? If this is not solved I will sue.

For Blue Bell Ice Cream Representatives or Owners

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