Natural gone Chemical - Blue Bell Ice Cream

I purchased some Blue Bell ice cream because my doctor told me if I had to have sweets buy natural sweets like ice cream.

When I was a kid growing up Blue Bell was all natural with ingredients like “milk, cream, sugar” now to my greatest disappointment they have fallen to chemicals and all kinds of gross ingredients. All one has to do is buy a pint and observe the gook if you let it melt. Used to if you let it melt you would have pure liquidy milk now it melts to this gross chemical foam of guar gum and other horrible ingredients.

I think companies like this ought to be liable when they do this ingredients changes without notification. It is misleading because so many still buy this garbage thinking its still natural. Plus they out right lie on their site and still say it cream sugar and milk. Bunch of garbage more like HFC, and every kind of cheap gum filler you can think of.

Shame on Blue Bell I hope they get sued and go belly up bunch of crooked liars! I noticed when they had all natural ingredients you could click on their website and click contact and click email us. Now they have conveniently removed that with just an address. What a matter Blue Bell Chemicalries why dont you want misled mad consumers contacting you?

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