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Horrible company to work for. The men that work at this office in Richmond are pigs and narcissists. They consider that women that work there as a lesser people who belong in the kitchen and also find it funny to use references to African Americans and Jewish in off colored jokes. I began working for this company when it came to Richmond in hopes that it would become a career but it is quiet the opposite.

It is a nightmare, the upper management that runs this place should loss their jobs with the way they handle things there. I have worked in upper management before and seeing the lack of skills these 3 men have running this office is nothing short of a crime. Territory managers that sit in the office 85% of the time complaining about other people and how they do their jobs but never really accomplish much other than pointing fingers at other people flaws, picture taking, bashing employees behind close doors. I have had over 90% of the employees at this location tell me they are not happy with the way they are treated and talked down to like they are beneath the TM’s and Branch Manager.

I have also noticed that the harder you work for this company the less you make. You only get 3.5% commission on the first $14,500 you sell in a week but if you sell more than that you commission drops down to 1% for everything after that first $14,000 and lets not forget about the low salary that give you that fluctuates throughout the year with the highest at $300 a week but you do get a “chinese” overtime which might get you a few $100 more after working 20 hours of overtime. So, a good 60 hour work week might get you with commission $450 a week.

Also, do not try office staff if your a woman because you are treated as if it was still the 40’s and 50’s there and you pay from what I have found through digging is less than what you would make at Mc Donalds or any fast food place. Supervisors are work with no care of their personal time and can go for 7 days straight without a day off but I will have to say after they changed it from a salary to hourly position they no longer make you work upwards of 70 hours a week while they were on salary. Its no only around 50 hours but you can still go for 7 days straight.

This location is the worse I have ever seen when it comes to equal rights for the people beneath the upper management and/or it employees. These 3 white males that run this office are horrible people who smile at your face and will run you down the moment you are weak or your back is turn.

Even though the ice cream is good the people that work to get it to the shelves are treated like modern day slaves (pay or as a person). I would not recommend anyone looking for a place of employment with this company. This comment is based off of comments made from employees who have worked with Blue Bell for weeks to year(s).

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