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I have bought Blue Bell ice cream in the half gallon size in the past. I have always thought it to be a “premium ice cream” with full fat, thus the fabulous flavor. I was very surprised and disappointed to buy the individual cups (vanilla/dutch chocolate) and found they have absolutely no taste at all. I thought it was just me, and then my husband complained about the lack of everything – flavor and substance.

I have always purchased from my local Publix store in the past, but I believe this is the last time I’ll try Blue Bell. It’s worth it at this point to head to Costco for their creamy, delicious vanilla!

As a side note, I am also appalled that in this day and age, there is no email link on your website. Bad business if you want the honest truth and comments from your customers, as most people will never pick up pen and paper and use a stamp to correspond with Blue Bell.

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