Blade Seizes up - NutriBullet

I have had the Nutribullet over 1 1/2 years.

The first one the blade seized up really hard to turn.

Got a new one sent to me same thing after a few months, did not last as long as the first and is so noisy have to wear earplugs, sounds like metal grinding when you run it, it is horrible.

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Would anyone here beside Denise would be interested in starting a class action suit against NutriBullet???

No. Why would you sue? Mine works great, and as long as you werent hurt, there’s no reason to sue them….

Funny, you’ve said the same thing as Denise did. I so HOPE NutriBullet is paying you and Denise very well for this form of “damage control” that you and Denise are trying to conduct. A bit of advice to you and others like you and Denise. I’m not one of these stupid Americans so I’m not falling for this weak a*s ploy.

Calm down. I’m a 20 year old kid from california. I wish I was getting paid by them lol.

Sounds like you and this Denise work for NutriBullet. Thank you NutriBullet for sending your liars to LIE for you. NutriBullet company you never surprise me. Hope NutriBullet is paying you and that Denise very well.


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