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This company is 100% a scam. They use shady practices to misguide you about your payments so to encourage and bring in money through late fees. For starters, Smartpay/Billfloat had an amount that was more than what I originally agreed to pay in their “files”. When asked to send this info to me, they said they could not. So, I am annoyed but agree to pay the new amount so not to acquire late fees. Now, my debit card was closed because of theft.

Today is the last day that I can make a final payment to honor my 90 day same as cash agreement. When I called and told them my situation, I was told to fax the police report over so they could send it to “corporate” who would then decide if my 90 days COULD be extended to when my new debit card comes in the mail. I then called back and tried giving my boyfriends debit card to pay off and close the account since again, I did not want to acquire late fees while I sorted out the police report issue. I was told this could not be done since payment could only be done with a DEBIT CARD in my name. I expressed this is not possible since A) my debit card was closed due to theft and B) you won’t take a credit card with my name. I spoke with a manager (Julio #1302401129) and I told him that I am concerned because timing is an issue and sending a police report does not guarantee any resolution in regards to the 90 days. Julio tells me that he will only accept a debit card with my name on it for payment and sending a police report only guarantees that the old card will be removed from my account/can no longer be charged. He told me they would not even take my bank account information like the help center web page,(that is attached to my account), says can be done as payment.

So now, I cannot make the 90 day payment and SP/BF will not waive or extend or even help me in anyway to meet my 90 days because they actually REFUSED PAYMENT knowing that they would get more money. Their customer service was rude, short, confusing and misleading. This has been a huge stress and headache. Now, SP/BF has no current payment info from me and I am so close to stopping all payments/contact with them. Anyone else done this? Anyone else with a similar experience? Anyone else been sent to collections or had their credit score affected by these awful racketeering waste of people? What was the outcome of stopping payments and after?

To the customer service reps : I know we all need work and to feed our families but knowingly cheating people out of their money and supporting policies of a backwards company (psst… the company thinks and cares so little about you) means you have low-self esteem, poor character and extremely disdainful.

To Ryan Gilbert and Sean O’malley : I don’t know if your parents didn’t give you enough attention or maybe they gave you too much attention, I don’t care which, but you two are honestly smears of disease infested rat s**t. People like you, who start businesses that cheat people with the facade that you care about customers and good, honest business are dangerous, low minded, soulless a******s. Either you know exactly what you are doing in cheating people out of their money or, you are oblivious, incompetent and idiot business men who don’t know or keep up with the small in’s and out’s of your own daily business. Either way you just flat out suck! It shows you don’t care about your customers or your employees who, no doubt, have a hard time emotionally and mentally dealing with upset customers, who have just been cheated money, all day. I’m sorry for your families who obviously have no idea the sick kind of men you are.

To people thinking about using Billfloat – Don’t

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