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Bill Float paid the bill they said they would, no problem there. But when it came time to pay them back I entered a nightmare of complete incompetence and total bungling. They didn’t debit my bank account like they were supposed to, even after I called them no less than ten times. I repeatedly attempted to pay them back but they simply refused to take my money. After the tenth attempt I informed them that this was it, they could either accept my payment or i was moving on.

A month later I get a call from a really nasty “debt collector” who starts giving me an attitude and calling me a “deadbeat” who doesn’t pay his bills. When I attempted to explain the situation she ignored me and demanded a debit card number right then and there. I told her no way, give me a mailing address and I will send a check. She declined and gave me more attitude so I told her to cram it with walnuts.

These Bill Float people are incompetent b***s, don’t waste your time with them unless you enjoy spending hours on the phone with total nitwits.

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