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I receiving an e-mail from BED DEFENSE to kill bed bugs, I clicked the link in the e-mail. I was directed to the Smarter Households web page offering a free trial of Bed Defense. I decided to try the “free” trial, even though I would be charged $3.95 for shipping and handling. After I clicked on the link to get the free trial, I was inundated by page after page trying to coerce me into spending more money than just the $3.95. I clicked “no” on each page, until I was taken, finally, to the check-out page and entered my bank card information. The Terms and Conditions page said NOTHING about additional charges on ONE TIME PURCHASEs. Since I clicked “no” on all the “additional” offers I received, I understood this to be a “ONE TIME PURCHASE”.

I received an e-mail confirmation of the order and $3.95 charge. The e-mails never mentioned anything about having to contact the company to avoid additional charges. I never received anything and just forgot about it. I ordered it because someone posted a note in the hall saying they have bed bugs and landlord should do something about it and pay. So I figured I would just get it and keep an eye out. But still never received anything to this day March 19, 2014 Placed the FREE TRIAL order Feb. 8, 2014. A couple of times I remembered when I would be in train or walking not putting to much into it because it was $3.95. Didn’t look at my statement to close in February was very busy normally I do.

Then, on 3/19/2014, I noticed a charge to my bank account in the amount of $48.74 from BED DEFENSE. I immediately looked at Feb. statement and $48.74 on that one to plus the $3.95 I call customer service number and the “customer service representative” which is a joke tried to tell me that additional charges were what I agreed to when I placed the order, as “stated in the Terms and Conditions” I told him I never received anything and he said return the packages and then they will give half the refund I forcefully disagreed with him and wanted to speak to person in charge that took awhile finely he said he would get manager Sara Parker she said all the same stuff then told me to wait for packages or maybe I have packages calling me a liar then said I should track them by then I was really upset with her nasty talk..

I feel they think they can do what ever they want and are making a lot of money cheating people and that people will not bother to do anything because most people don’t have the time like me. I told her I am going to call better business bureau she did not care that’s how you know they think they can get away with being thieves. I also call credit card company they said to send letter of dispute and they will also contact them.

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