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Earlier this month I searched around for Landline Phone Service, settling upon BasicTalk,, like most phone carriers BasicTalk tells you, if your current phone number is available it could be transferred. Upon checking BasicTalk stated my phone number was still active and therefore available.

On 12/28/2013, received a call from BasicTalk’s Sales Person checking to see if my current number was still active and available. The Rep stated that in 48hrs the transfer would be effective since the phone number was available for use.

OK, 48hrs later on 12/30/2013 I received an email from BasicTalk notifying me that the number transfer had not gone thru because the previous carrier had disconnected my number – remember just 2days prior A BasicTalk Sales Rep had called me on that same number (682-841-4286) telling me that my number was current and available, yet 48hrs later I was told my number was no longer available and they (BasicTalk)had assigned 682-205-2601 as my new home phone number.

What happened between 12/28/2013 and 12/30/2013 (682-841-4286) had been active and available all that time until Monday, December 30, 2013 That’s when the Sky Broke! Every time I tried complaining or get in touch with a BasicTalk CSR, The Internet Site would switch me to advertisement for Vonage.

In my opinion this is “The Classic Bait and Switch” Show the Buyer something they like then switch that Item or service with another item or service, stating the original product is unavailable thereby cornering an unwanted product or service on the Buyer.

I feel like BasicTalk is a lot of HYPE and Can Not or Will Not Honor It’s Customer with their Chosen Service.

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