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Open Letter to Jerry Sheridan, President and CEO Amerigas,

I’m an 18 year customer formerly serviced by Main Street Gas that was purchased by Northern Energy and now by Amerigas.

I’m on a fixed income and was offered by Amerigas, Placerville, Ca office, a budget plan to normalize my bill over 12 months. I agreed to this bi-lateral contract based on the previous years usage of gas divided by 12 and amounting to payments of $175 a month.

Unilaterally, Amerigas reviewed my usage during the 4 or 5 high-usage winter months and increased my payment to $378 a month. The representative in the local office said the “Small Print” in the contract allowed the company to make this unilateral change. In California unless this “small print” is explained verbally at the time of signing the contract it is considered Bait & Switch and is illegal under the state consumer protection laws. I complained to the local office and the manager was most understanding and is trying to work with me to correct the situation.

If this situation is not corrected to my satisfaction I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the California Consumer Protection Agency. Bait & Switch tactics are no way to treat customers. Amerigas might be the largest provider of propane but they are by no means the only supplier of this product.

Tim Hoel

For Amerigas Representatives or Owners

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