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Saw an ad on TV to try out this product and just pay $3.99 shipping and handling fee. Went to the website, the checkout process didn’t seem to be any different than other products you buy online and that was it, until I saw a $58.74 charge from Bed Defense approximately a month later. Called the customer service to say this was an unauthorized charge and needs to be credited immediately, only to be told I was signed up for a monthly product from them! How the heck did that happen??

I thought I was only buying a 1 time trial product and if I liked it I “may” buy it in the future. They said that’s what the “contract” said even though that’s no where to be found in their advertising. No one has time to read not just the fine print but the whole contract and terms and conditions.

To top that, since I hadn’t even opened the trial product (that I was being charged FULL price for now) I asked if I could return it and was told I’ll have to cover the shipping costs and a $15.00 flat restocking fee will be charged as well.

Even though their website says in bold letters “100% money back guarantee”. We need a class action law suite agains this company for false misrepresentation and fraud! Period! Will also file a complaint against them with Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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