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Do not use avasflowers.Com for anything.

My great nephew died saturday sept 2, 2014 after a tonsillectomy 1 wk earlier. This was so tragic for our entire family. When i learned that the family wanted to celebrate his short life of 5 yrs with a mickey mouse theme funeral i called avis flowers. I asked if they would make a mickey mouse wreath in his favoirite colors of red and orange and mixed with other bright colors. The sales lady checked and said yes they could do this and asked if i wanted the deluxe or the standard size. I told them standard size. I also asked if they could send me photo of the completed wreath and she said she would ask if they could but it wasn’t standard practice because of cameras in the area dealing with credit cards but that she would request it special. I was told it was a total of 208.00 dollars and some cents and placed the order.

I never received a photo of the wreath. I called my brother who is the grandfather of the deceased child and asked him to take a photo of the wreath. He sent me a pic and told me i certainly was jipped if i paid 208.00 for this piece of crap. It was a regular wreath of colorful flowers and did not resemble mickey mouse in any shape or form, literally. He made sure my family’s name was on the card.

I have called the number in elizabeth city, nc and go through all the prompts and no-one will speak with me. I sent them a picture of what they delivered and wrote them a scathing rebuke. When i called again this am the automated system told me the customer complaint was being considered and would be resolved.

I seriously doubt it will ever be addressed and the better business bureau should put this company out of business. I would appreciate a refund but probably will never see any of it. I truely am ashamed of the flower this company sent as a representation of my family and love for my great nephew.

Please don’t ever use this company. They really should be sued!

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