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I searched online for a florist to deliver an arrangement and AVAS popped up with the come on, Free Delivery Today! I put my order online, and entered a coupon for 20% off but on the summary of order screen, while it showed the -$8.60 coupon applied, the bottom line was still the original amount of the order. I thought there was some glitch so I called the company to tell them of the problem, and the operator said she had to log my entire order before she could determine the problem.

After I spent 15 minutes giving her all of the information she first told me I could not use the coupon because my order was not over $50.00. I told her that the coupon said it was for orders over $40.00, which I had, and that online had actually applied it, just the equation did not accurately subtract it. After being put on hold I was then told that the reason the base price of $42.99 was not showing the $8.60 deduction was because you need to add in the $13.95 processing fee, then deduct the $8.60, which then ends up actually being more than the base of $42.99. NO where on their Home screen, or on the order screen which calculates your charges is there any note of an automatic “Processing Fee” of $13.95.

When I advised her that this was a secret handling fee that is not disclosed until the very end and it is a deceptive practice, she said she would put me to customer service. After a few minutes holding with this bait and switch company, a recorded voice came on and announced they were too busy to take any calls and I should call back later, then the line went dead. If they had put the processing fee in up front and been honest about it, I might have still done the purchase.

But the bold lying on their web site and by the mishandling by their operators insures I will never use them and will warn others as to this lying, deceitful company. I would not trust them to deliver garbage to the dump!

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