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I took time on the AVAS website to pick out the perfect arrangement for my cousin, who was also one of my closest friend’s, funeral services. I chose a beautiful white basket with all white flowers, lillies being the dominant flowers. When I arrived at the church for the services I did not see the arrangement I had ordered. I even went outside to try to contact AVAS to see where the flowers I had ordered were. I was not able to get through.

So after the services I looked at the flowers that were there, maybe five arrangements. There was an all white arrangement in one of those paper/cardboard type vases. Many of the flowers in this arrangement were brown on the edges of the petals, not a single lilly. So I looked at the card, I recognized enough content that I realized this was supposed to be the arrangement from me and my family. However, there were not any names on the card at all!!

I talked later with the adult daughter of my deceased cousin and she said they did not know who sent them. I felt embarrassed for the arrangement’s appearance, and the lack of professionalism of the card. The card only had parts of my message, some making no sense, and again NO NAMES!

When I called AVAS to express my dissatisfaction, the lady I spoke to could not say she was sorry enough, yet the best I could get out of them was a $20.00 credit toward another arrangement from their website. I told her I did not want a credit for more flowers from their website as I would have to put at least $25 to $35 of my own money with it toward another arrangement and I was not interested in ever ordering from their site again. What I asked for was the $20.00 credit be applied to my credit card. That was a definite NO. I was pretty persistent, but she completely wore me down and I was so frustrated I finally just told her to forget it. It did not phase her in the least when I told her I was going to go online to share my very negative experience.

After hanging up on her (my bad), I went online and that is when I saw all the complaints against this company. No wonder she (they) would not care about a complaint being made…What’s one more? Guess I should have done my homework before placing an order. I feel totally scammed, and from the many things I have read, there are many, many others who have had similar experiences.

Do not waste your money on Avas Flowers!

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