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I placed an order by phone to Avas Florist Thursday afternoon August 7 to have flowers delivered Friday afternoon to my daughter’s in-laws 50th wedding anniversay party. I ordered the Graceful Greeting Bouquet. The deluxe for $57.99. I asked Isaiah if the arrangement included 6 roses and 6 lilies and he responded “Yes, ma’am.” I asked for an anniversary Mylar balloon for $6.99. He asked if I wanted a card. I said yes not being told there was a charge for it. I was asked if I wanted a bow on the arrangment and again I said yes but was told this would be another cost. By the time I placed my order it cost $87.91.

Later when I got home I called and asked why my order was so high. I said if I had ordered the flowers on line it would have cost me $64.98. I was told about the extra charges and they were removed. No card or bow. I was told I would get an email confirmation and I did not receive one.

Friday night I received a photo from my daughter showing me what the flowers looked like. I could not believe my eyes! What was delivered was a small arrangement of 3 roses and a purple daisy. No balloon! I called Avas Saturday morning and was told the flower shop was not open so they could not ask the florist what happened. When I explained what happened I was asked to send them the photo of the flower arrangement.

I called Monday night after work and was told again the flower shop was closed so she “Amanda” could not find out what happened. Amanda did reimburse me the $6.99 for the non delivered balloon. I was told I would get a email confirmation but I did not.

Tuesday I called while at work and spoke with a David who kept apologizing yet never solved my problem. I asked for my money back. He said he could give me an in store credit. Why would I want to ever buy from Avas again? I told him I did not want an in store credit. I asked to speak to the manager. I got a young man named Bart. He told me they wanted to pick up the flowers and deliver another arrangement of flowers. I told him the party is over I don’t know where the flowers are and I don’t want to resend another flower arrangement and bother my daughter’s in-laws with this circus of getting and re receiving another arrangement of flowers. I was told again they could give me a 30 dollar in store credit. I said “no” that was not acceptable.

The web site also states in big letter “Free Delivery.” The “delivery” may be free but there is a $13.95 standard delivery fee for handling. I must admit I did not read the fine print. So I am warning all of you BUYER BEWARE! This was a costly mistake with NO satisfaction guarantee.

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