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Its not a line of sight issue, nor router, nor anything except AtlinkWifi internet service crappy Mustang and Tuttle towers which they refuse to fix. 5 years with them and last three are horrible. Mary Fallon, OK gov, keeps giving them grants for new areas, but they never fix the first areas that helped to grow them.

5 years ago, we went door to door telling our neighbors about atlink, most people joined. Atlink told us the more on it, the better the service will be. They promised to upgrade their towers, but never did. If everyone submitted a speed test on and then complained to them, Every time it goes down or runs like crap, we might be able to file a class action lawsuit if we all do speed tests and complain.

Personally, I think these folks rub each others backs, so its probably pointless, but worth a try.


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class action lawsuit : Against AT LINK WIRELESS : Please copy speed test and save this will be worth it ! $$$$


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