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I am going through some hard times revolving around family and college, and since I was but a teenager of 17 years I have been searching for employment. Here I am 24, been denied several times over and the reason behind this is due to lack of experience… Well how does one acquire experience if one is not allowed to obtain it? Good question, right?

So one of the people who works at the location gave me an application saying that they have been looking for people to come in, I fill out the application and turn it in and was told that it would be looked at.

Several weeks pass and I get a call to have an interview, so I set it up and wait on that day to show. Appearing several minutes before I await the manager, did the interview, shook hands. Her hand shake was not only limp but her hand didn’t move, I was then told to wait for a call Friday.

Friday comes in and I got a call from her saying,”I just decided not to hire you, good bye.” In a bored/non interested voice and hung up. No reason behind it, this doesn’t make sense, she told me the dress code via uniform and to expect a call.

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