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Circle K – on the corner of Jefferson & Osuna, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Every morning, since Circle K closed down their store in Bosque Farms, I’ve gone to this store for coffee. I get my coffee in a 32 ounce Polar Pop cup just like I have for years; it lasts all day because the exact same Styrofoam that keeps pop cold, keeps coffee hot.
This store has charged me $0.99, $1.09, $1.19 and this morning $1.69.

Last week, the store manager told the usual two behind the counter to charge $0.69 because Circle K charges by the cup, not the contents, to help keep track of inventory. I pointed that out this morning and the tall, gangly, red headed guy got pretty (insert unacceptable word for urinating here). I told both of them behind the counter (the other was the lady who’s hair is sometimes red and sometimes dark brown) that I really don’t care what they charge me, but I just want it to be consistent because I have my change ready before I walk in the store.

Today was the highest price yet. So I ask the woman what she was told by her boss last week, and she says nothing. So the red head turns to this short, balding guy in a blue button-down shirt and asks what he’s supposed to do and this supervisor guy tells the guy behind the counter the same thing the other manager said last week. I pay for my coffee and get some breakfast at McDonalds.

When I walk back through the Circle K, I thank the manager for clearing the issue up and again reiterate that I’ll pay whatever they want to charge, I just want to know ahead of time what that price is going to be. Then he starts in with the B.S.

1) I really shouldn’t use the Polar Pop cups because the cups at the coffee are better insulated and safer. Lie #1. I pointed out that the Styrofoam of the Polar Pop cups is thicker than the thin Styrofoam of the coffee cups (which is actually why I use the Polar Pop cubs in the first place).

2) Then he tells me that maybe I shouldn’t come back. I point out that recent case law in the NM says that Circle K is a business open to the public, and that as long as I’m availing myself of their services, and paying for it, and not doing anything illegal, the store can’t refuse to accept my service.

3) THAT’S when he gets all (insert unacceptable word for urinating here) and says that if I’m talking attorneys to get out of his store or he’ll call the police. I called B.S. and pointed out, again, that as long as I wasn’t breaking any laws, and was shopping, he couldn’t do a darn thing.

I’ll be back tomorrow and maybe I’ll actually buy pop in a Polar Pop cup and they will have to accept my money. Or maybe, I’ll reuse today’s Polar Pop cup and they will again have to take my money. As long as I’m not disrupting their ability to perform their duties, sell their products, they can’t do a darn thing and I WILL continue to frequent this store.

Anytime they want me to go away, they can reopen the store in Bosque Farms and rehire every single person that lost their jobs!

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