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I requested assistance from AVAST customer service on 8/18/14 for help installing their anti-virus software. I added internet security to my account for $49.99 and soon after began having problems with my PC. Future contact resulted in a fix however I spent 4 – 5 hours dealing with a technician to correct my access. After this issue was resolved I expanded coverage for five PCs for $179.99 cost. The next day, 8/19/14, I started having problems again, contacted AVAST who determined the problem was from Microsoft installed updates. The MS personnel tried to solve the issue unsuccessfully and since my PC was too old I would need to pay for support: $99 for 30 days and $149 for a year. So, now the “free”anti-virus” program has ultimately cost me $329.

I submitted a ticket on 9/9/14 requesting to update the number of items purchased. I called 866 number and was advised the only option I had was to submit another ticket which is a very poor business functionality. There should be a way to contact this this company by phone if the email process does not work. I received an automated email response that I would be contacted “as soon as possible”. I contacted AVAST on 9/16/14 attempting to find out why no contact had been received. Again, I got the runaround and finally the technician said there is no phone support for billing issues. This website is not user friendly as it goes in circles since it is not clearly noted anywhere that contact with a person for billing inquiries is unavailable. The 866# advised they only deal with software issues and sent me another email for contact issues which was also unsuccessful and to no avail, surprise! I fully expected an explanation of why I haven’t been contacted about my original request to update my original order. So far the software seems to be better than what I had.

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