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Back in 1999, i received a free 30 day trail to world’s gym. I went 2 times, and on my 3rd visit . There was a large sign business closed down. This was in fairborn ohio. So at that point i never worried ,because i didn’t sign a contract or anything.

Will 2012 i received a letter from clark co courts ,that 2 judgements were won against me for 6,000. What!!!!! I had never received any summons, or any kind of paper telling me i was in court!!!! So how did they win? I have researched this company and found 179 complaints in Illinois, 64 in Ohio and so on.

I have wrote and emailed attorney general in Ohio, governor, president, cbs news, the attorney general in ill, has helped those victims, but i can’t get any help. Why?  This is the crazy s*** i have ever seen. Why can’t i get help? This is a scam. Fraud. How can they do this.

I had two brain surgeries last years, with heart problems, and others stuff. Chronic pain since 1991. Many surgeries. This stress is killing me slowly. I can not afford a attorney. So they can search for my bank and any money i have. This is so unfair.

I wrote cbs and asked them to do a story on me about this. After the 5 time contacting Ohio’s attorney general they still tell me do to litigation they cant’ help fight a fraud company that has closed down all over the usa. And help. I want to start a class action suit

just like ill,
Victoria dodd

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