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Address: 12155 Palm Drive Desert Hot Springs, California 92240

On may 25th 2013 at about 4:pm I Edward stepped inside World Gym (number 6933-37-27718 located at 12155 Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs, California 92240 tel. 760-329-8504)to ask and get information about the Gym fees and services. As soon as I walked in, an employee by the name of Woodroe Ohlemann approached me and offered to help. I asked about the Gym membership fees and services and I told him that my son and I are interested in becoming members of World Gym. He immediately offered to give me a tour of the gym which I gladly accepted.

He then asked me to have a seat so that he can explain membership fees. I explained that the membership would be for me and my son. He said that because my son was only 14 years of age I had to do two separate contracts, one for me and one for my son and I agreed. My contract was $50.00 initiation fee plus $1 for card and $20 a month, a total of $71.00 for my contract. My sons membership was $50 initiation plus $1 for card and $10 a month a total of $61.00. In total I paid $132.00 for two separate contracts.

Woodroe explained that this was an open contract and that I could terminate my membership at any time without early termination fees. He also explained that if I was not satisfied with the Gym services for any reason, I had 30 days to cancel my membership and I would get a full refund on both contracts. Because of the gyms unsafe practices and machines I decided to cancel my membership.

On June 27 2013 I went back to the gym and talk an employee by the name of Kevin who introduced himself as the Gym manager. I advised him that I wanted to cancel my memberships and get a refund on my membership fees. He immediately asked me for a piece of paper that I had never seen or heard of. I explained that Woodroe never asked me to sign that agreement nor did he ever mentioned it. Kevin said “Oh well that’s why he doesn’t work here anymore, he was very shady like that”. I asked Kevin “What else can I do? and he answered ” well your just out of luck, without the paper I cant do anything“.

My son and I just stood there thinking he was just kidding but he wasn’t. Kevin said without that paper he couldn’t do anything and because he is the manager there is no one else I could talk to. He said That the owners name is Jim but he couldn’t give me his number. He said that Jim visits the Gym Occasionally, as if he was suggesting I continue visiting the Gym until I find Jim, a person I don’t know what he looks like. Kevin said that the only thing he could do is cancel my membership without a thirty day notice. At this point I asked Kevin to cancel it and I left the Gym without a refund.

I looked on line to see if I could find a 1-800 number or a website to file a complaint or just to see if I could get my money back, But Kevin was right there is no one else to talk to or even file a legitimate complaint. I think its unfair for any business to held costumers responsible for their employees mistakes. As I Explained to Kevin, if Woodroe would have asked me to signed and acknowledge an agreement, the Gym would have a copy of it and I would have abide by it. The fact is that they don’t have that copy because I was never presented to me in the first place and the fact that he no longer works for the company is not my fault I think the manager should have check his paperwork and advised me that there was a document missing in my agreement.

This is definitely the managers fault and not mine, as he made it seemed. 30 days later I still get harassed by Worlds gym billing company and world gym employees about late fees and unpaid bills. Kevin the “manager” couldn’t even get that right. A monkey could do a better job at managing places like these. Do yourself a favor, save yourselves a headache and stay away from World gym. Many gyms offer better services and safer workout areas. Thank you for your time.

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