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Address: Manchester Rd. Akron, Ohio

I stopped at a local Wendys on Manchester Rd in Akron,Ohio. was a hectic busy day for me and decided I would treat myself to their new pricey 6.79 chicken almond salad. They were not very busy and the first window said pull ahead.

At the second window a girl said 6.79, and I handed her a 20.00…the only money I had on me. Then a guy handed me my bag and said here ya go..have a nice day. I pulled away, continued to run my errands, and when I got home, I realized they did not give me my 13.21 back in change. Now my salad was a 20.00 salad, and we all thought was overpriced before.

I searched through everything that was with me, and finally found my receipt in my salad bag. The store was then closed.

First thing in the morning i called the store, HONESTLY awaiting my apology, and figuring they would say they were waiting for me to come back.

The manager, who stated he was the guy who handed me my salad, was only concerned with the fact that he did not pocket my money, and never went any farther to ask whos name was on the cashier part of my receipt.

The drawer, he said, was not over that previous evening. And there was nothing he could do for me…Id have to prove it! I asked for his district mgrs number, which I called and still have yet to receive return call. Been 3 days.

When I told the manager that I would not be back..he said Thank you! sure was the same thing they said when I drove away without “demanding” my change. Too much going on at one window!!!!.. and after looking closer at my receipt, the fact my receipt said I pd the exact amount?

that was no accident. Same result may have happened if I would have noticed right there. Give exact change..make them wait, and hold up there line counting out your 6 dollars and 79 cents change. they obviously will not have your back.

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