Raided My 401k - Wells Fargo

On 10/7/13, I took my 401 k, (a wells fargo check) for over $10,000.Opened an an IRA savings account with $2,213.65 transferred into a checking account on the same day.

On the 10/11, Both of my accounts were frozen due to a Deposit error (Caused by a bank teller processing the transaction wrong, this was told to me by Wells Fargo employees) However, Wells Fargo states that I deposited only $50, and therefore my checking account in default for the difference, and I OWE them the difference!! Wells Fargo has already illegally seized 911.27 dollars from my account and CHARGED ME a 35 dollar late fee in addition, I owe them NO MONEY, Wells Fargo admitted that THEY WERE IN ERROR!! But as the weeks wore on, Their story on what exactly happened changed, The bank manager was a googly, grayed-eyed idiot

They are ROBBED ME BLIND, They need to be strung up and hung! They gave me Same Day Access to my 401k which WAS AGAINST THEIR OWN RULES!!!! (Which they ALSO admitted too)

For Wells Fargo Representatives or Owners

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