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Wells Fargo – THE WORST bank you could ever find.

After I became disabled, and before I start collecting my disability checks through my job, I started pulling $$$ from my savings acct. to my checking acct. I received several letters advising me that the “savings” account would be converted into a “checking” account because of government regulations. I said OK… LOL… like they were paying me a lot of money in interests; like it would really make a difference! They lend out our money in Credit Cards charging almost 30% interest and $30.00 in late fees, while they pay us 15 cents in interests. They never advised me that as soon as the account was converted from savings into checking I would need to have a different check book and a different Debit Card; ***** they said I could continue using the same Debit Card I had been using because the accounts were linked*****

I was hospitalized for over one month and unfortunately did not have access to a computer to transfer the $$$ from one account to the other, although I knew the accounts were linked and it would not be a problem. … Well, they started charging me $35.00 each time for “Overdraft Fee”. I have now 2 checking accounts… Why do I have to pay overdraft fees of $35.00 ? Aren’t they supposed to take the money from either one or the other? Weren’t they supposed to advise me about this? It never happened to me before in any other bank. Fortunately, my retroactive disability $$$ will be re-instated soon. It is a lot of $$$ – 75% of my usual check – almost a year of retroactive payment. Also, I will be receiving my inheritance money in Euros in a few months… Do you really believe I will deposit at Wells Fargo? Really ? ? ?

I am recuperating from a surgery, but as soon as I can get out of the house I will go and withdraw my money… Finally, it is still a lot of money and they are the ones making a profit with it, and still “robbing” every time they can. I spoke with 2 representatives who were rude, impolite, and the second one even left me talking on the phone alone… Then, after a few minutes he came back and kept on saying: Mam, the bank did nothing wrong; it is your obligation to read the pamphlets. Sorry to say, but as soon as I can straighten my finances… Good bye WELLS FARGO… Your service sucks!!!

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