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Wells Fargo (farce oh) ! I have never done business with such a crude, rude, and unyielding business as Wells Fargo “Bank”. I live overseas but when I went to Florida to visit a friend I opened an account with Wells Fargo Bank so I wouldn’t have to carry all my cash around in my pocket and could just use a cash card instead. After staying with my friends in Sarasota Florida, Wells Fargo Branch on Webber, I flew to New Mexico to visit my mother and hang out with her for a couple of months. There was a Wells Fargo Bank a few blocks away so I never thought to change it as they had told me I could do all my banking online.

Hence, after a longer than planned stay in NM, I finally came back to Japan where I’ve lived for a long time, (I have a permanent resident’s VISA as my wife is Japanese When I started my Corporation in the USA, I thought to use Wells Fargo since I already had an account there but when I tried NUMEROUS (too many to count) times to access my account I was denied access because I couldn’t remember tiny details about the Webber Street Branch and when I called I failed their little verification questions about a place I’ve only been to once in my life for a very short period (just less than a month). My friends did all the driving as I had recently been hit by a car in Japan and was in no condition to drive as my right knee was still being rehabilitated.

Well, They FROZE my account because I couldn’t answer questions like, “what other businesses are across from our bank on Webber?” and so on. So, I failed their little questionnaire 3 times and I was out! Luckily I only had $24 in the acct. by then but 2 years later I really needed to have an AMERICAN bank acct. for my Corporation in the USA to use.

So, in the end, I spent over $3500 to fly to a US Territory and get a new SS# CARD (SAME #) and open an account at obviously another less rude, ridiculous, PETTY and uptight bank as Wells Fargo turned out to be. Now they send me threatening emails telling me they are going to do this or that but I just decided to leave the $24 in the acct. so they would have to spend their time and money accounting for it and for sending me all the NASTY emails threatening me that they will permanently freeze my huge account of $24.08.

So, IN THE END,. It was the rude behavior of their staff and their continuous SNIDE insinuations I am some kind of international drug runner or whatever that WELLS FARGO have shown their true cold corporate mentality that has only their own interests in mind and are not in any way shape or form concerned with their CUSTOMER’S WELFARE.

If you don’t mind rudeness and ridiculous demands, then WELLS FARGO will do you just fine. If you are looking for a customer service focused bank, go ANYPLACE else.

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