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My biggest complaint today is that Wells Fargo has been taking my money charging me 35.00 per check or transaction and I know I had money in there to cover everything on 6-10-2013 my son in laws mother asked if she could transfer 100.00 in my account to give our kids to go to Oregon for my son in laws oldest daughter graduation ceremony I said sure not knowing it would take two days to go from theirs to mine at least that’s how long it took and I have proof but I remind you when I took out my 100.00 to give to them for gas I still had 45.00 in the account.

I then went into the Wells Fargo Bank and asked when the transfer would take place. The Bank manager said it will be there in the morning which to me is stupid we have the same bank but I said ok the bank teller standing there with him looked at my account and said no its not there yet and never said I had checks going through at that moment and said don’t worry things will be fine. So I went to the dollar store spent 5.00 and went home remind you I keep checking my on line account and everything was fine before I went in there and did this.

Well as of yesterday all day I remind you that 100.00 was still not in there and I printed my online Activity account out and the money still hadn’t gone through and that was at 6:53 pm last night well I get up this morning and call them at 10:00 and before that call I went on line to see that they had put a bunch of my bills through and claim they came in on the 10th same day I was in there and yesterday ran my checks through before they transferred my money charging me 35.00 three times and then now I am a negative 81.00 dollars I so want a lawyer they do this a lot taking your money I am so upset and live on a fixed income.

As for Dish Net they promised when we switched from Direct TV to dish Net that the only way we could do it is if the bill money was taken out on the 4th of every month because our paydays are on the 3rd of every month well that didn’t happen its almost been a year with them and they have been putting the money through on the second of every month causing my account to be over drawn and being charged 35.00 yet again I call them chew them out and still they kept doing it finally last month I said no more dept card for them so the supervisor says ok lets do a check and I guarantee it will go in on the 4 well gets what they lied they ran it right threw causing me another 35.00 fee.

The Bank has charged me more money then I can count. That transfer should have went right in my account we both have the same bank Well Fargo this is how they take your money. I believe I have a good case against Wells Fargo and Dish Net TV if only I could find a Pro Bono lawyer.

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I have been going through this same nightmare with Wells Fargo. This month (so far) they have taken over $600 in overdraft fees. They tell me that even though we have deposits on the same day that they have priority and therefore charge for each item that goes thru regardless. Please post any information you have on an attorney. I live in California. I was so elated when they were charged with a 50 million dollar lawsuit.


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