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We have a home equity loan with Wells Fargo Bank, it was set up approx. 10 years ago with Wachovia. During this period we have paid it off twice but kept it open. We have never been late with a payment in the 10 years and have always paid more than the due amount.
I paid our March, 2013 payment on March 16, it was due the 18th, with an inside teller. The amount due was $50.00, I paid $400.00. I was given a receipt.

On March 30th we received a letter from the collection dept saying our payment had not been received. I called and found out my check had cleared the bank on March 18th. I then called customer service at the collection dept and discussed the situation with them. They checked my records and found out the teller at the bank had put the entire $400.00 on the principal leaving the amount of $50.00 still overdue. She assured me that it would be corrected and not show as a late charge or penalty on my account. I was satisfied with that.

By Wednesday April 3rd we had received a second letter from the collection dept. I call the branch manager where the incident took place. He also assured me it would be taken care of. We then received a new payment and the due amount which had always been $50.00, was now $100.00. A penalty for being late on March. We also received another letter from the collection dept that this account was now restricted until it was brought up to date.

During all this I feel like all we got was lip service, tell them what they want to hear.

My complaint is that Wells Fargo does not care about its customers and I consider this to be harassment. Employees need to be trained properly. What ever happened to “the customer is always right”? This is the type of thing that affects your credit rating.

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