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I called Rosland Capital in January of 2012. I told them I wanted to purchase some gold bullion. I asked how much difference there was between the buy and the sell price. Chase Greenich told me 3 to 4% . Chase Greenich told me I was better off buying gold coins, not telling me there was a 25% or more difference in the buy and sell price. I bought some coins, thinking there was the 3 to 4% up charge.

A few months later, I called and asked how much were my coins worth. Chase told me that they would follow the price of gold so I sure the coins had gained a little in value. Chase continued to call and try to sell me more coins, acting very excited and telling me my coins were going up and gold coins was where I should invest. I purchased more and considered it a wise investment. I sent two or three emails and a couple of calls during 2012 asking how much were my investments were worth. The emails were never returned and when Chase did take my calls, he said “just follow the price of gold, you are doing fine”.

In January of 2013 I needed the $$ and called to tell him I wanted to sell the coins. Chase said “Do not sell now, you are selling at a loss”. I asked him how much, but did not receive a straight answer. Another call and he said he would get back to me. Never happened. Finally I really insisted and he sent an email, showing me that my investment was down 25%. I was quite surprised as gold had not decreased in value. I then sent emails and calls, asking why had my investment decreased. He never returned my calls or emails.

I researched Rosland and found out they were charging me 25% commission. This never showed on any invoices or did Chase ever mention it. I certainly would not have bought anything with a 25% commission. No wonder Chase pushed me to the coins, simply to line his pocket.

Do not be as naive as I was and certainly beware of Rosland Capital and Chase Greenich. They are not honest and will do anything to get your money. They do not care about you, the customer. How this company stays in business is beyond me. I will pursue all means to make sure Rosland does not get away with this. They are not anything like you see in the commercials.


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