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I have noticed that the Walmart store in Crestview, FL. is having problems with restocking. The store was packed with shoppers but four items we wanted were not on display. A department manager said Walmart is cutting employees, including stockers.

Over the past few week, I noticed that the same items were still not restocked so we had to go elsewhere for them.

If it gets any worse we will stop shopping at Walmart and go to stores that keep items on their shelves.

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Same problems in Ruidoso New Mexico. Nothing new to add there. However, I suspect that Walmart is learning the same lesson Sears learned years ago. They have extended their line so far that they don’t do anything well. Grocery is a labor intensive product and Walmart is not dedicated to proper staffing, or paying a living wage. No wonder their employees are unhappy. Early in their history, people wanted to work for them and invest in the success of their particular store. That spirit is gone with Mr. Walton, I fear. Their lesson, like the one Sears has learned, is… Read more »
I just returned from our local Walmart Super store.We buy 99% of our groceries there.Today is a Friday and I would think it would be a day when the grocery shelves would be stocked full.But instead the shelves look like the end of a busy day,EMPTY.From what I am reading and seeing with my own eyes,something is drastically wrong.I asked a store official while I was there why? He said something abour supply problems and this and that.How can they have supply problems with their buying power.I AM NOT BUYING IT.Also not so long ago there were always employees to… Read more »
I work in a walmart in the Tampa Bay area and we are constantly understaffed and have some of the most inept managers around.We are told it is the Home Office that dictates the number of hours allowed per store. They treat associates like slaves, constantly pulling us from our departments to work other departments leaving only 1 person to run 6 or 7 departments and then complain when things have not been done in our area. We often get called to the front registers to help check as they never seem to have enough cashiers. The temperature in the… Read more »

What most of you don’t seem to realize is that Walmart is a business and for every one of you who say you’re not going back, two other customers go there! They don’t care if they lose customers because they will simply close the non producing stores and open a new one in another location!

This is Not a grocery store… A long time ago I use to shop at Walmart for hardware and other stuff. Then Walmart had a great idea of selling groceries, but the problem here is, they stop doing what their were good at. Now I’m confused because I don’t know what they are selling, maybe the concept is from china because I don’t understand it anymore. The hardware that they sell now brakes so easy, the produce is always rotten, and all i can find on the grocery shelves is their own brand GREAT VALUE items that taste like grass.
My girlfriend works at one of the older Walmarts thats not a supre store , And she says corporaye walmart is overstocking her store and theres no place to put everything. And another problem is she gets calls from people asking if they have something in the store thats shown on the Walmart website and when she tells them no they get mad at her which isn’t right.there have been times when my girlfiend has worked from 4 pm to midnight and have to get up at 6 am to be at work by 8am getting only 5 hours of… Read more »
As i read through the reply issues expressed they mirror the shopping experiences i find while at Walmart in El Paso Tx.- bad produce, poor customer service both at the front end and on the sales floor, shelves after shelves with out of stocks and no one seems to have any idea as to what , when and where on just about anything in question. Also too many times finding the meat counters and package meats just simply blow away…out of product ! One more thing can something be done about just too many shopping carts scattered though out the… Read more »

this attitude, right here, mr. "produce DM" is why walmart is going to go away. and i will sing and dance the day it does. you should be ashamed of your attitude and your company’s attitude!
i worked for a large puget sound grocery chain as a deli manager (also a highly perishable dept) until retirement and would never dream of posting something as obnoxious as you posted here.
goodbye, walmart. i’m proud to say i have never shopped in a walmart and never will. your attitude is a large part of the reason.

Reading these post is interesting to find out that it is not just the WalMarts in my area. Here in Houston TX there are well over 30 WalMart locations to shop at across the city. I’m seeing the exact same problems (related to grocery) at the 6 I use to ATTEMPT to shop at. Several items are just not stocked on the shelves (there is a place & price tag for them, just empty) and this is every time!! Then the store doesn’t carry alot of items at all. The prices really aren’t THAT much "Lower" at WalMart than other… Read more »
Check this out. Went into the Walmart grocery and got an icecream cake out of the freezer, took it to the bakery to have them put the birthday greeting on it with frosting. The bakery manager said ok, just a minute, then proceeded to have a three way conversation with several other employees and a manager, or might I call it an argument for over 15 minutes while I stood there waiting. Finally I spoke up and said, Hey my cake is melting! and then they begrudgingly came over to decorate it. It looked pretty lame by the time I… Read more »

I’ve worked at the Walmart in Fairbanks Alaska and for nearly a year. I agree with what everybody here is saying. My managers are horrible and don’t give a rats **** about the employees they also expect us the get four peoples work done by ourselves. I love helping customers find what they need, but I can’t even do that because our shelves are never stocked because the items never come in! Customers treat me like **** because I can’t find them something that we literally don’t even have in the back of the store.

Our West Palmdale store never has shelves that are fully stocked. I have been trying to get fruit punch or cherry kool aide since December 21st and the sticker is on the shelve and the product is never there. Same with frozen white rice, hasn’t been re-stocked in months. The make up and shampoo items are now in a separate little area that is blocked off and requires a different check out, there are tons of products you can’t get because they are locked up and you have to find someone willing to help you. I can go to Target… Read more »


wow, if you knew proper grammar maybe I could reply to what you wanted to complain about, but, good grief, i guess I can give it a try. Don’t blame the employees for long lines or being "slow". WM under staffs, hires people and then doesn’t properly train them, and the ordering and stocking is controlled by the home office not the "lazy" stockers. The problem with WM customers is that they are rude, self centered, and demanding as a spoiled brat. As a result they like to blame all the ills of WM on the workers when in actuality… Read more »
I fully agree with all the comments everyone has made. I am boycotting Walmart because they simply don’t care that customers , including me, have to stand in line for 30 to 45 minutes without being waited on. It is simply maddening when there are people running around with nothing to do that can’t run a register!! When you demand to see the manager, they miraculously appear!! Imagine that!! I am going to Target!! They finally woke up and are lowering prices and good customer service and they are "price matching" too!! So long Walmart!! You have disgraced the name… Read more »

I wish they would fix their carts or get new ones. I’m tired of trying to push one that has a frozen wheel or bumps and clangs like your on a railroad track! Along with the fact you can’t find things and their employees make you feel like you are a bother. I may have to pay a little more and go just a little farther down the street, but I’m ready to make the change.

I work in produce for Walmart and you are right the produce comes in bad alot of the time and yes we are told to pile it out get it out etc. Most times we either empty of a bunch of products or we get 5 pallets of one thing in its crazy!! Not to mention when working in our cooler there is barely enough room to safely get the items out. Most of us are part time and are treated like crap. We feel just as frustrated when we dont have something in for the customer. So yeah walmart… Read more »

When I was a Teenager Workign at McDonald’s it was thought that working at Walmart was a DREAM JOB- the Next big Step Up to Success. Now it sounds like the Fast Food industry isn’t the bottom of the barrel in employeement any more ! I suggest Walmart employees abandon ship ASAP !

I usually shop between 4-6 pm and the produce section is completely empty and there isn’t a single employee in produce, or any nearby departments (such as meat and bakery) with the exception of one person behind the deli counter with 8-10 customers waiting in line. The produce was out of bananas, lettuce, celery, bagged salad (the salads are always empty.) This has happened on several occasions – I finally got upset enough to call the store manager. After several tries, I finally got in touch with the manager and all he did was make excuses and blame it on… Read more »
My name is Bob Robinson; I used to work at a Wal-Mart Super center in central Florida. Just before I Medically Retired from working, Wal-Mart had started releasing Full Time Employees and Hiring Part timers so they wouldn’t have to Provide Insurance for the Full Timers. It was really sad they had to stoop so Low and Mr. Sam I’m sure is rolling over in his grave. But at the same time; I was noticing the effect it was having on the Full time associates that hadn’t been released yet.. Job scared an feeling betrayed, they began not to care… Read more »

I shop the Wal Mart store in Utica NY. & the past 2 times the produce was so bad it had mold, & not just a spot or to but
covering the fruit. It doesn’t take a rocket sientiest to see this is bad.
Any employee should have done something to get it removed.i spoke to the produce manager & he said it would be removed.
After a hour of wandering & shopping I wnnt back. Guess what!! still ther.

Walmarts produce has NEVER EVER been fresh!! the ONLY produce I buy from walmart is bananas! They NEVER EVER have enough cashiers, 95% of the employees are rude or have no clue about any of their product!

Walmart or as I call it Hellmart, is the worst. Fresh food, really they never had it, even when they started the food part. Now its worse. Other day, loaf of bread, completely mold. Not just the edges, all the pieces. Help in the store is impossible, before and now. Watch the employees scatter if you ask or look for help. Prices are not lower, really. They are the worst store around, The quality of products arnt good either. I purchased a Mr Coffee pot years back, and it was sealed, opened it up when I got home, it was… Read more »

"You know the old saying about you get what you pay for………….."
maybe people who have been paying for cheap china(although not just china) goods are now realizing it usually doesn’t include ‘expensive’ service………. ; )

"affordable" prices ‘now’ usually mean poor conditions later—-as many people might be realizing

do you know about the love of money?

Trust me don’t shop at Walmart. working there is ****. They expect employees to do eight hours of work in one, employees can’t keep up with the work load, cashiers are reprimanded for 50 cents over or under and they are instructed to use as few bags as possible because it costs them money. the average ‘full time’ employee rarely gets past the state’s bare minimum number of hours and don’t dare go over their given number of hours because they again get into trouble. they’re getting rid of door greeters who are usually handicap or retirement age because they… Read more »
I work at Wal-Mart and I honestly have a lot to say about our customers. I’m a cashier and I get treated worse than crap sometimes because people are having a bad day? I am NOT a robot, so please greet me when I nicely greet YOU. I see people leaving things everywhere and treating the store like it’s their house or something. Things like that make me think, god WHY do I still work here? And there’s always long lines and not enough items on the shelves because we’re understaffed. We keep letting go of people when we really… Read more »

I don’t buy produce or fresh meat there. Call the home office and complain they do take it seriously.

Wal-Mart is loosing site of the people. They treat employees like dirt so in turn they treat customers badly. You can walk in a store and tell what the management staff is like by the way the employees act. I shop at the store that does not have self service check out. To me that is a slap in the face of customer service. You can’t even buy a 6 pk of diet coke there because they are always out. I refuse to drink out of a can so I go elsewhere. The cheese I like has been out for… Read more »

Done with Walmart in Las Vegas…. The dairy is usually expired or very close to it. Never buy the produce there any more after coming home with bad strawberries, and clementines and on and on. Also the cleaning products that I use are never restocked, and I was told it would be three weeks for vacuum bags… I am at Target and Smiths now….

You are right there is never enough cashiers, I don’t like stand in line either and I won’t by there meat there either, and you also can’t find anybody to wait on you if you need something off top shelf, I had to climb up to get what I want and also the bathroom are so filthy, I shop at another Walmart and I get better service from them then I do the other store and the bathroom are always clean and smell good. I buy my grocery somewhere else. l live in Alabama in a small town and this… Read more »

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