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Over the past many years I have been a very loyal shopper at our local (Northwest Illinois) Wal-Mart store. However the time has finally arrived when I’ve enough. On a given day if you wish to purchase a specific item, say Nesquik, there is a 50/50 chance the item will be off the shelf and out of stock. The item can be easy, Lipton (100 tea bags) might be out of stock and out for two weeks or longer or the spice ground nutmeg (1.1oz), out of stock and maybe out of stock forever no one knows.

I read here where someone else mentioned going to Kroger and now I do the same. I really cannot afford the increase in cost though I really cannot afford the gas to just drive from grocery store to grocery store. I use to purchase the prepackaged salads, $3.98 ea., the store sold the heck out of them and would sell out each day.

So I just asked why not make a few extra instead of running out at mid-day and the answer has been no. So I have just switched now to Kroger, I pay a bit more but at least I am able to obtain what I want when I want it.

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