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My husband , and i went to a walmart store on 14 mile and vandyke in sterling heighs, Michigan. I have never in my entire life have ever seen a store , and im 40 years of age , look so messed up , dirty, and so depressing as this store. I left this walmart so depressed, and **** off at the same time. It look like the slums of Detroit. How can a corporation that makes so much money, have a store so messed up.

I wouldn’t eat the food there if it were free. It almost looked like we had some major black out and people were looting. Every time i think of walmart im going to have this vision in my head. It was awful, if they offered me a job there making 100,000 dollars a year, as god is my witness, i wont take it, Thats how depressing it was.

You need to look in to this area, and fix this. Its unacceptable. The owner of walmarts all over the world should be stripped of everything he owes, to let people shop like this in his stores.

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