Manager Abusing Employees - Waffle House

Branch / Location of Complaint: Tia - manager - waffle house
Address: edwin miller bv. Martinsburg, West Virginia

I am writing to formally complain about the manager at Edwin miller waffle house Martinsburg WV 25404. The manager named Tia is new and has let her authority go to her head. Ive witnessed her mistreat waitresses and told them if they complain that she was management and waffle house would back her up and not the employee. One waitress was showing a new girl how to do a job and Tia pointed her finger at the waitress and said you stop being so bossy.

Tia’s attitude is terrible with all the employees. 90% of the employees are seeking other employment. cause they don’t want to be around her.

She has also mistreated many of the regulars that come in daily. They all come to me and tell me how they are mistreated by Tia. and they know me being a minister that i will not disclose there names. If you were to call each waitress and cook into the office and assure them that there name will not be mentioned to Tia, they would tell you how they have been abused by her.

I am a regular. i go to waffle house every day. sometimes twice a day. and even i am thinking of not going anymore. Something has to be done about her or your gonna lose most of your waitresses and cooks. I am very concerned about the employees i have know some of them for 5 yrs. I thank you for reading this and hope something can be worked out.

Pastor Edward Cogswell

For Waffle House Representatives or Owners

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