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I live out in a rural area and decided to switch services to Excede, which is also known as WildBlue Communications or ViaSat Communications. After having the service for 3 months, we realized how slow our internet was. And we were unable to access the router through our brand new up-to-date router throughout the house.

I called customer service and waited 55 minutes for someone to answer the phone. I was first told that the wireless issue is my router. I explained that I previously had satellite internet service from a different carrier and never had this issue and that I had just purchased a new router. I asked if they would come out and move the dish so that it was more centrally located. The response that I received was that they could no do this.

Then I complained about the speed of the internet service. My husband and I only use the to browse the websites and e-mail. Sometimes we will stream a video but not that often. Their customer service told me that I could pay $29.95 more a month to upgrade to the next plan. Absurd!!

I asked to speak to the customer service representative’s manager. That person could not do anything for me. Then I was transferred to their home office at ViaSat. The customer service representative was rude!

Since AT&T U-Verse had just come out to my area, I cancelled my service which cost me $300 to get out of my contract. He asked if I could climb up on the roof and pull down the satellite dish. NO WAY!

So he set up a time for someone to come out to my house to pull this down. First, no one showed during the scheduled time. Second, they wanted to charge me $99 for this service. ABSURD!

I had to call back and be on hold for another hour to reschedule this service. Finally someone came and took down the equipment and gave it to us to mail back.

Within two days, I mailed the equipment back to ViaSat Communications. Now, 14 days later, their company has debited my checking account for $500. I am now on hold trying to contact them about this charge.

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