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Verizon sold us a data plan for our IPAD with LTE stating that we would only be charged for the months that we actually used the LTE. It will also run on a wireless network. No special instructions were given on how to make sure that we weren’t charged when specifically and repeatedly asked of both the Verizon representative and the IPAD store representative (Solutions in Hood River).

After a year and a half carefully following the usage of our IPAD LTE so as not to be charged for the billing period when we didn’t need it. We come to find out we were sold a plan that not only charged every month whether we used it or not, but it took more than an hour on the phone with Verizon to get it changed to the plan. We thought we bought from the one that charges every month.

Buyer beware. There is nothing in the contract that we signed that indicated which plan we were getting. The Verizon representative and the IPAD store representative repeatedly assured us we were getting the plan that you only pay for what and when you use it in the billing month.

The only plan that allows that is the PREPAID PLAN —- not the contract plan.

Then we find out the IPAD needs a SIM card to use the PREPAID plan and now we have to go and buy one before we can activate the PREPAID plan.

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