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I have been a well-paying customer of Verizon Wireless since 2008. Let me start by explaining that in January of 2013 my wife upgraded her phone to a smart phone that required a data package. We went through the exchange and my understanding of my billing situation was that my wife’s phone would have unlimited talk time and unlimited texting. My phone which remained the same would still be on a 700 minutes talk time and 1000 text messages. My bill was very consistent at about $ 122.64 a month until October 26th 2013. At which time I received a bill stating that I owed $ 267.65.

I called and spoke to Michelle in the Tennessee office who stated that I was incorrect in my understating of the way my plan worked. I am the type of person who makes sure I have an understanding of what I am paying for and I do not pay for anything unless I understand what and why I am paying it. So now I am being called a lair. With that being said I was told that my wife’s line was over on talk time by 278 minutes. How could this be when she has unlimited talk on her line? At any rate Michelle seemed nice enough to look for a solution and put me on the Everything Plan which would cost me approximately $ 10.00 more a month. I stated that I could live with that so I agreed. Michele also stated that she would back date or something like that to have the $ 145.01 taking off of my bill. I was satisfied and left it at that.

Let’s fast forward to 12-12-2013. I am now receiving phone calls from Verizon Wireless that my bill is overdue and service is in jeopardy of being shut off. My new bill now has me at 423.18. I carry over from the previous month of $ 267.65

I called and spoke with Donnesha and explained the situation. She stated that she would put some kind of a request in for me. At this time I asked to speak with someone above her (supervisor manager). Donnesha stated that there was no one else. Now we all know this is not true as I cannot think of one CEO who answers their company’s phones at a call center (maybe they should start). Anyway after me asking three times to speak to a supervisor my call was terminated.

I called back and spoke with Denise 574530 and asked her if it was Verizon Wireless policy to hang up on their customers when dealing with an easy issue that Verizon Wireless made difficult. Denise assured me that it was not there policy to hang up on customers. Sorry but I have to go with what I know instead of what someone tells me. By the way it seemed that Donnesha did make attempts to contact me but I was already on the phone with Denise. I asked Denise to put me in contact with a manager. She did (although I was told earlier by Donnesha that they could not do that) and the next person I spoke to was Cassandra. We started to discuss my issue but unfortunately I work nights and it was going on 2:30 PM EST. I had to be at work by 6:30 PM EST and asked if she could contact me around 7:00 PM EST because I had to get some kind of sleep before going into work. Cassandra agreed to contact me at 7:00 PM EST on 12-12-2013. My phone never rang. I am starting to see a pattern of “I don’t give a shitness here”

I am not only writing to Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters (CEO Lowell McAdams) but I am sending exact copies of this letter to the Better Business Bureau, Pennsylvania Attorney General and the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Affairs. If I have to I will take this issue up in small claims court. These are not threats. They are courses of action of which Verizon Wireless has forced me to do. I also ask that Verizon Wireless Cease and Desist any attempts to tarnish my credit report before an honest attempt to mitigate a solution has been made.

What do I want?

I will pay my bill for the Shared Everywhere plan only. Please have the other charges late fees included waived and set my account in good standing as it has been for the past five years. I think this is a fair solution to this situation since I believe I was lied to from the start by a Verizon Wireless representative back in January 2013. If not lied to than most definitely misrepresented the plan I was on. With this proposed solution you will keep me as a customer and continue to collect monthly payments for services. If not I will seek satisfaction in small claims court and of course I will look elsewhere for wireless phone service as you should realize you are not the only game in town.

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