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I signed onto a contract on 10/26/12 with Verizon Wireless at Walmart; I was mislead to think it would cost me $175 for each line should I break my contract early.

When I called to talk with a rep she said it would cost me $990 for the whole contract, $330 per line and that they couldn’t make a special arrangements for me. It does not state anywhere on my contract what the early termination fee would be.

Verizon Wireless is charging people what they want because I was on a forum where someone was complaining about being charged $140 for early termination fee. Why are they charging each customer different prices?

I will tell you, they are doing it based on the type of phone or phones on the contract because that explains why the rep asked me what line I was talking about canceling and I said what does it matter and she said it does.

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Cost depends on the time left in your contract.


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