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I looked up the Verizon wireless free phone upgrade deals on line to see what free deals were offered. There is a Verizon Wireless store in town (a Verizon owned one, not the franchise or authorized reseller). So I go there to do the upgrade with an extended contract and upgraded plan. Oh the free phone upgrade I just looked at being advertised 30 minutes before is now not free but costs $99. Why? Oh it is because that deal is online only (would be nice if it stated that online).

A classic bait and switch scam.

So just a wasted a trip and wasted an hour, and I can go back home and do the free upgrade on line. Oh your wife works for Yale University? Just bring back a photocopy of her university employee ID to get the plan discount with Yale. OK, that sounds good. So I go back home and go to the website to do the phone upgrade and all the website wants to do is freeze up part way through the upgrade steps. After two help people can’t make it work I get “oh the website is having all kinds of problems with Firefox today, we’ve had loads of complaints, can you use the Internet Explorer browser instead?” WTF? When I say how about reporting the website problems and maybe I’ll log in tomorrow when the website is fixed I get “It probably won’t be fixed tomorrow”. WTF? My answer to that is “Why are you are trying so hard not to sell contracts !!!” Another hour wasted.

So I get my wife to photocopy her Yale employee ID and next day I drive back to the North Haven Connecticut store with a photocopy of my wife employee ID exactly as I was instructed, (but there is a different guy behind the desk) and I get ” oh we can’t honor that, she has to come by in person “. WTF? Somebody at that store is just plain lying to me because I am doing exactly what the guy behind the desk yesterday told me to do. Crappy manager doesn’t even bother to talk to me.

So I walk out with another wasted trip and more wasted time. With more future wasted time for my wife to trek down there with her ID. I have never in my life seen any company that is trying this hard to chase customers away, or that is so indifferent to how that impacts their bottom line. Somebody in Verizon senior management needs to have a really serious look at the experience that their customers are being given and needs to start firing people until it gets a lot better. It is comical if you aren’t driving back and forth like an idiot.

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