Took my $20.00 membership fee then banned me from the site - VampireFreaks

Had a guy who didn’t like the fact that a woman he liked was talking to me so he told me that he was going to report me for being a “bully” towards him.

Next thing I know is an administrator contacted me and told me I was being suspended for 30-days and no refund for the Premium membership fee all for standing up to the guy who was complaining to me.

Furthermore, the administrator said they would monitor whoever I talked to on there and see what is being said, if I decide to return after my 30-day ban in the future. The administrator threatened to report me to the authorities for my standing up for myself and said that I was “bullying”

They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for their corrupt practices of accepting membership fees, then banning you, and giving no refund.

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