Vampirefreaks is NOT the website you want to be apart of. - VampireFreaks

I recommend that you don’t visit There’s a few reasons on why, but of course, I can’t stop you from visiting if you’re curious so I’ll let you experience it for yourself.

These are the things I’ve dealt with:

I’ve had all of my accounts bombed and deleted for no apparent reason.

I made a thread in the forums since the chatroom was down; people joined and were talking positively, but then an Admin pops in on his high horse and says that no one cares about the thread I made and starts to talk about me negatively. I, of course, wasn’t going to let that admin try to harass me and I stuck up for myself. He was quite surprised that I didn’t take his crap.

The people in that site are bullies; including the admins. They only talk to you if you’re “hot”, otherwise, they ignore you or harass you if you’re fat and/or “ugly”.

I’ve gotten viruses after visiting that site, but there’s no evidence that links it to VF, but I’ve heard that they give out your information and IP address to hackers so be cautious!

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