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I went to Turbo Tax online and filed my Federal and State forms. The Federal form was free to efile. They charged $27.99 to efile my State form. I did this on 1/18/13. On Monday 1/28/13 I received an email from Turbo Tax telling me my State form was rejected. I decided to take this opportunity to go to their site and try and print off a copy of my tax forms.I was unable to do this initially on 1/18/13. I thought i would try and contact them later to get copies.

So I went online at Turbo Tax, on 1/29/13 after reading my emails, and attempted to acquire a refund of the fee i paid for the State form efiling (cancel their service). I also tried to print off the federal form without any luck. I tried to find answers on their website over the next 2 hours without success.

Finally I tried to find a phone number for INTUIT the parent company what I did find was this number for Turbo Tax 1-888-669-4238 and I called them. I explained that I wanted a refund of my fee for the State filing. I noticed when the man (who sounded like he was from India) spoke it was like he was in an empty room. He quickly cut me off and I called back. The phone line was not busy but I just some computer music. I waited and called later and again told this person what I wanted and again he hung up. Calling back again I got that computer music. When he answered he said he was technical support. I

am filing a stop payment with my bank and looking for other avenues to stop this abuse before it gets worse.

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TurboTax states that their form will check everything to make sure your form is filled out correctly. Somehow My routing number was filled out by TurboTax didn’t check my account number or it changed my account number to VE (whatever that means?) I get a message that TurboTax is correct and approved by IRS and my return should show up into my account. Didn’t happen. I get an email from TurboTax that an additional $93.46 will be deducted from my return for processing fees and my return will come in the mail to my home address. What the %&%#! 10… Read more »
I bought Turbo Tax Fed with the state form for 3 years and have over paid with my retirement on the state. I live in Pa. and I should have not paid anything. I answered the questions and followed the instructions and added the 1099-r to the form and it said to pay. I have been retired for 3 years and did not know the tax law. That is why I trusted your program to help me. Now I have gone to the state and I am trying to get my money back. I am alone in this matter and… Read more »

This company has several differently named websites and claim to be the support service for many companies. My issues were never fixed and I spent days re-entering data that was lost due to their "repair" only to have the same computer errors re-occur. When I asked for a refund or any type of relief I was told I’m not even in their system!


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