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I have used TRX for the past 3 years. I have not had many problems. This year, so many problems, I can’t list them all. I called 2 weeks ago (on hold for 1 hour) about AZ and CA forms and e-file. I was told soon. Here it is almost the end of Feb. and I can’t e-file. I started sending state returns to my clients yesterday.

Then I received a call from one of my clients. She tells me that the filing status line on AZ Form was checked for HOH instead of MFJ. I checked the program, it showed MFJ. But when I create a PDF file, it shows HOH.

I called again today (on hold 1 hr) brought this to their attention along with some other problems with AZ forms. When I asked about efile, they told me they are waiting for the states approval for them to efile.

As of today there are only 4 states available to efile. From the way they talked, I don’t forsee efiling states very soon. I would be more than willing to be a part of a class action suit.

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Keep blogging, boycott TRX

Like many of you I have used TRX for the last few years with little or no problems. I do not understand why they put us through this. I received a call from TRX regarding renewing. I just hung up the phone on the telemarketer. I am ready to file a small claims action, I continue to field calls from clients with issues regarding miscalculated returns, and missing docs that did not transmit to the IRS. In one case the client’s refund is hung up because blank forms were transmited with his return that were not required. I had a… Read more »

I was using this program since 2009, and was perfect, except for 2012. Until now I am not able to print california corp forms. Every time I called them, after waiting for long time them to take the call, they were not giving me appropriate responses. I had a lot fights with them. All these frustrated me a lot, and I am ready to join in action suit.

Never again will I use TRX. I had to file all of my NJ returns on another program as they never made NJ available until after April 15. I have also had to Amend many federal returns due to errors in their program. After much complaining they offered me half price renewal for next year after they have doubled their price. I really think we should be entitled to a refund since their program did not do what we paid for.

May I ask why my report about TRX was not published?

2012 will make it my 3rd year with TRX; it has all along been well and economical. Suddenly things changed. However, I had noticed all along they were partnered with Taxworks which was a reputable software company and still is but has expensive products I could not afford having used them in the past. TRX screen was exactly that of Tax works. 2012 was my worse year with TRX. Not one call I placed to support or email was returned. I had to either go to sales or quality assurance to get in and they will pass me on to… Read more »

I bought TRX software in January and never did get it to work. After waiting on hold for hours at a time and never getting anything resolved, I had to purchase another software, which was half as much and worked wonderfully, I might add. I have been fighting to get a refund since February, and was told today, that I would not receive one. This company is a fraud….I agree with other posts….THESE PEOPLE SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR STEALING OUR MONEY!!! And to add injury to insult, I am getting renewal notices from them._

Well we all agree that TRX did not deliver for the 2012 tax year, AZ is still not available. I already got a letter from them requesting renewal for 2013. Has there been any action taken on our behalf?

Today is April 19, 2013 and as yet the State of Connecticut is not able to be filed. I called the State to see what if anything I could do to file the state of Connecticut returns and was told that all I could do was to file by paper. I spoke to the person in charge of approving the e-file programs and he informed me that TRX Software had never submitted the program for approval. I immediately calle TRX and informed the person of what I was told and she went to check with those in the front office.… Read more »

same thing with NJ. For 2 months they said they were waiting for approval, then I was told it was never submitted to the State. To this date, April 29, I still cannot file NJ State returns. Had to do all of them on the NJ site or by paper and they will not refund what I paid for the program.

I had used TRX for several years and loved it. The support was great and the software was easy to learn and use, UNTIL 2012. I was so flustered trying to use Federal software that didn’t work and the state of Illinois wasn’t even done. I spent 1 whole day after completing some simple returns , putting them in on the Illinois web site to finish a return. At the end of Feb. I called about Illinois and could not even get support. I finally got a gal that told me they had no idea when Illinois would be released.… Read more »

I don’t think anybody will be renewing with TRX. I also had the worse tax season of my life with TRX this year. Some of my clients are still waiting for their refunds due to miscalculations and missing forms from the returns. We should all ask for our money back. Does anyone of a good and affordable software company? I get a lot of postcards from different companies but don’t know which one is the best and their prices are a little too high. Thank you!

After 3 weeks of frustration and wasted hours on the phone with tech support, I switched to another company’s tax prep software. I sent TRX a letter demanding a refund. Since I didn’t volunteer to be a beta tester, I also submitted a bill for the time I spent beta testing their software. That was 6 weeks ago and I have not received a reply, refund.or payment. Imagine that!! However, I did get a renewal form yesterday in the mail. I can’t believe the unmitigated gall and/or stupidity of TRX to expect me or anyone else to purchase their 2013… Read more »

Horrible Software. Can anyone recommend an affordable alternative?

It absolutely stinks! More difficult to learn the software that do the return manually. Cannot open completed return–says return does not exist. Cannot override calculations, as calculated entry replaces override when finished with schedule. I’m glad this year is over.

I’ve been with TRX for the previous 3 years with no problems other than learning new software from time to time. This year has been a total train-wreck as I still don’t have my Wisconsin software. I had to purchase a new software program and start all over with 70 returns I had finished with the federal only. In addition to no state software, the federal was riddled with many errors as I also had to prepare several1040X returns to correct their errors. I wrote a letter asking for my money back but I knew I was wasting my postage… Read more »

Yes. Using TRX software is a nightmare this year. State of SC software still not release as today of 03/27/2013. . Phone call and put on hold for 3 hours, no one answer. Email Director: Karen Bills, Support Quality Assurance Manager:Ronald Pinkerton and Customer Support
Manager: Zach Benefield. not get any return either.

Last year I was very pleased with the software. That is after moving from TAX Exact to Tax Pro. This year, the software is not user friendly, lacks what I call basic functionality. They fail to return calls they have committed to making. I am finding myself having to double and triple check the returns to feel confident my client returns are correct. Absolutely the worst decision was to stay with them. They have offered me free software next year. But I want a refund of this years. The software is no good.

TRX started to cut down the hours of thier custiomer service because of getting close to the end of tax season. Other Companys will send you this years programs so you can get caught up if you order next years program through them.

I have been using TRX for 4 years, this tax season and have NEVER had the issues of this year……OMG, tech support my a***, there is none!!!, I have got thru several times have talked to a new tech every time and every one of them its their first year and NO one has a clue how to fix the software issues….I am relieved to know its not just me with problems….I want to know what they intend to do about this with their customers…I to have lost several clients and have ran out of excuses to explain the mess…… Read more »

I have been with TRX for several years. This year has been a nightmare and they have yet to add all the states modules to the program. I’m a practitioner in Kansas and I have had to duplicate my work by filing each customer on the Kansas website using their webfile. I would like to get a refund back and then some. (785)266-8888.

I was on hold for an hour this morning trying to tell some dim wit customer service rep about a software issue and why information from a 1099R is not transferring to the 1040. She told me she didn’t design the software and she doesn’t own the company so she has no idea…this is the first and last year i will use TRX

This is my first year for going out on my own. I have already lost clients. I am sure they will never come back with me again. I have returns that were right when i submitted it but they are all wrong going through. I have been doing taxes for almost 20 years and have never experienced anything like this. I was on hold for 5 hours one day. I tried every number that I could find and cannot get anyone to call me back. I was told that this was a different software company when I ordered this. I… Read more »

I bought a different software on Valentines Day because I was about to klose clients with TRX. At that point, even something as simple as withholding was not feeding to the state return. Looks like I made the right choice just leaving these losers and chalking it up to a loss. They won;t overcome this. Just buy your new software now and move on. There won’t be anything to sue. If they survive this, then their customers are fools.

hmm…I purchased this software and only use it for Business returns…and they told me March 1st was the date for it to be ready…reading these posts, I am worried now…I am going to get my money back and go elsewhere…

Just did my first couple of S Corp business returns and the software is crap plus it is NOT going to be available to electronically file….so might as well PLAN on sending them in as paper returns.

Listen to Jessica – get your money back and run. The software is a nightmare. Can’t trust their calculation. You have to manually override the number and double check every single time you open the tax return before you efile it. They have so many issues. You will be wasting your time in fixing it.

Lou-RUN! get your money back!

I have been with TRX for several years. This is the worse year than ever and I would like to get my refund back.

This is my fourth year with TRX and its had been a nightmare this year i have yet to tranfer a state return and its March 28 2013 and had lost customers been doing taxes 30 + year have never experience anything like this i am going to contact my lawyer and see what alternative i have for my losses this year i will also be willing to be a part of a law suit i can reach at 757 754 9060 OTIS JONES

I am a first year user of TRX and this has been a nightmare. Impossible to reach anyone by phone, emails aren’t returned, phone messages aren’t returned. It’s feb 25 and PA returns will not efile. I just can’t believe how much time and money I have wasted just trying to refile returns that either reject due to the miserable program or won’t even send to the efile center. I was convinced by their salespeople to switch from Proseries for a $490 savings. I’ve lost far more than that in returns I can’t process because of the time wasted on… Read more »

Sue, If you can, I would go back to proseries. We switched from TRX to ProSeries and have had no problems at all. They were lifesavers!


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