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There is no other Tax Software that is worst than TRX, it is now 03/15/2013 and the corporation tax is due but guess what? TRX 1120S is not ready for e-file!!!!!!!!!!!! More than half of the state is not ready for e-file as of today, 03/15/2013, data does not transfer to proper form….etc.

I am starting a petition if anyone would like to joint me to file a class action law suit against this company, you can get in touch with me at I have lost a lot of new clients and old due to these issues I have with this company. So, if you have the same problem and can not get your money back from this company than join me and file a lawsuit.

Also, you can contact Better Business of Tennessee.

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Worst software I have ever encountered and during tax season, you are blocked form pulling the previous year’s returns. I have called them and called them and they are worse than foreign customer services representatives, you get no where and no refunds, not to mention that when I tried to print my own return over the summer, I received 4 returns from preparers in FL, TX. and NJ, as well as mine, so I feel all my clients I prepared on TRX have been compromised!

Because of all the bad reviews and complications with understanding the software, I requested a refund and continued processing my returns with Pro-Series. I never processed one return under their software, but I also never received the refund. TRX is bad business. TRX also wanted to tack on a credit counceling product which would automatically raise the cost to my customers. I had small state processing problems with Pro-Series but I still highly recommend their product over TRX

I was doing good for three year but 2012 and 2013 had mass problem I had call them to fix issue but need to wait long time even e-mail them no response back from them. In 2013 they said they will give full refund back if all the form and Sch. are not done by 1st day of tax session. I had lost more than $6000.00 last tax session due to their issue and they don’t had CA state e-file for business. When Finlay they answer my call they said they unable to fix this issue for this year and… Read more »

My last two years with TRX have been really awful. Got along fine before, although it was not all that user-friendly but I am pretty good with that. But the 2012 and 2013 tax years were deeply flawed. For some types of schedules I had to work it out manually first and then input my results. And sometimes even then the program would overrule when I e-filed to send an incorrect form.

WOULD NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. I thought when TR took it over that they would add some value to it. But no, same slapdash crap.

Add my name to the list. M. Elaine Miles. The company started out so well. I am starting to see the result of returns that did not calculate correctly. In the middle of the season, I found another software company. When I asked repeatedly for a refund. I got no response even though Karen assured me on purchase that if I was satisfied a refund would be given.

Count me in. I am a first time user and their probably won’t be another. I have had nothing but problems, lots of time wasted on the phone and not much help when I finally get someone to talk to. I have encountered errors and after pointing them out they still aren’t fixed ie: the social security for the spouse isn’t transferring to the worksheet for taxable calculations. I had a return that wasn’t totaling down the 1040 and their answer was "you know what it should be so override it" I didn’t pay good money to have to total… Read more »
Please count me in as well. I have been with them at least 6 or more years. I have never had to complain before now. :Last tax season was the worst. I actually lost more money than I made. What was said to me about the problems was that they implemented what should have been in place for 2014. So instead of them waiting like they should, they decided to do it earlier which turned out to be our worst nightmare. I didn’t by their software this year plus I have to rebuild my clients back up before I can… Read more »
Please count me in. I made the mistake of getting TRX this year inspite of many problems I have last year. TRX told me that the reason I had problems last year was due to the new guidelines the IRS and STATE imposed and because they chose to comply immediately instead of waiting like other companies. Now, I’m doing my 2nd complicated tax and I’m having more issues than what I experience from the 1st one. I am done with TRX and needed to get another software. I asked for a refund and TRX told me that I am not… Read more »

I had the same problems like all of you stated. I was very frustrated and lied to by TRX. I would like to join the lawsuit too

Count me in also
G. Williams


I too have had trouble with TRX, I had to rush to send state e-files through other programs and it cost me a lot of money, people were not happy and I don’t know if they will come back or not. I asked for a refund and they told me that I already got a good price on their program and that they would take some more off next year, but because I said that I didn’t want them to call me, I have to call them if I want to pick it up for 2013 program. I think that… Read more »

I agree…last year was so terrible. I lost clients also. It was so stressful I found myself crying in a corner.

I too have problems, I never got the state filing ok until after the 15th, so I had to scramble to file state taxes with different programs,. That cost me more than the trx program cost. I also tried to get a refund and all they told me was that they would give me a break on next years

count me in.
b.e. ashbrook ea

Jerry G CPA I had used TRX software for 2010 and 2011 returns with good results. Then came 2012 and nothing would calculate correctly or carry forward to the proper forms. I got maybe one very simple return efiled then ran into problems. I do not have3 a lot of early returns or quick refunds type returns and do not handle bank products. On 2-19-13 I bought and installed some other software that works. They were very helpful in getting my prior clients converted and inported. I wrote TRX for a refund March 7, 2013. I emailed again on 5-13-13… Read more »

Count me in

Count me in. Does anyone have a contact name and telephone numbers for the Plaintiffs or their attorneys who have filed a lawsuit?

Count me in too

Count me in ditto

Count me in also. This companies programmers have no idea what they are doing. I couldn’t even e file til late February. In addition I have had to amend 15 tax returns so far.

Ok, so has anyone filed a class action law suit against TRX or is everyone just gonna close the door on the problem and forget about it? I would love to file one but need to know who to contact to get the ball rolling. The problem is that everyone seems to think that we would gain nothing because the company has nothing. So, whats up with the law suit?

Please, please include me. I too am in California. They tried to **** off TaxExact on me last year also. Didn’t work then either. I had to redo at least 20 returns due to errors, miscalculations and "software glitches". The time on the phone without ever getting the badly needed help really hurt my business. I finally had to surrender to the maddness and purchase TaxWise at the end of February. They had pity on me and gave me a break on the price. I guesstimate TRX cost me at least $5,000 this season! (wait time on phone, lost customers,… Read more »
As with all of you guys, this 2012 Income Tax Filing Season has been a nightmare for me. It has been a nightmare because I used TRX Software. My lists of complaints are numerous, I do not want to start listing them, it is so disheartening that they would promote a product that perform so poorly. To add salt to the wound you call Tech Support and you are only the phone for over an hour before you get a response and then the tech support is crappy. Your federal return is crappy and not NY state income tax returns… Read more »
Hello Timothy..I am with you concerning TRX. They actually called me today to get my renewal for next year and when I told them about all the problems I had this year, like yours, I told them that I wanted my money back and they of course refused! I spoke to Karen Hughes, who I believe is an owner of the company. Then I offered her a deal…give me next years software to use and if it works well I would pay for it after the tax season was over, and she refused. That is when I told her than… Read more »

After waiting on hold for over an hour several times for “Tech Support” over the phone and “live chat” and desperate because the program was unable to calculate a Schedule E, efile California returns and so on, I had to buy a second tax program. I will gladly join, I want my money back.

Small claims is only good if you can go to TN to file. If I knew how bad the software would be this year, I would have gone elsewhere. I re-licensed last March for software that would give me federal, business, all states. When TRX was not able to reach agreement with RedGear for 2012, I should have run for the hills. TRX tried to **** off TaxExact last year, but had to retreat and distribute TaxWise. I’ve spent as much time on hold and trying to explain problems to tech support as I have actually producing returns. And…I can’t… Read more »

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