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So I am busy checking my email and here I see an email sent to me it said “Revolutionary untie-wrinkle cream. Once you try it, you will surely come back and buy more. No purchase involved just pay for shipping and handling $4.99” the name of the facial cream is Black Diamond Skin serum and it came in a 1 fl. OZ bottle. Like any loving spouse, I thought of my girlfriend. So I decided to get one for her obviously they take your information.

The first sign that this was not a credible deal is a week later, when the product came, there was nothing but their address (Black Diamond 3959 Van D**e Road, #1002 Lutz FL 33558).

After two weeks from the day of my ordering this, I realized that there was a $99.99 charge on my account and next to it was a Phone# 307-809-0167. So I called the number and all I got was a message saying that “the person you have called is not available” over and over again.

So I warn everyone out there to be extremely careful of these scam artists who just made off with my hard earned $100. And by the way, if anyone has a solution to my predicament, please send me a clue at

Dave in Mass.

Black Diamond Skin Serum – 3959 Van D**e Road, #1002 Lutz FL 33558

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Their AD says you can get it free, you just need to pay $4.99 shipping fee. But it is just a Bait. They keep going charging you with your permission. When I found my bank account withdrawed $89.99 & another $99.99 by BLKDIAMOND. It was too late. I couldn’t stop them charging me. So I have to cancel my bank card. The BLACK DIamond SKIN SERUM COMPANY sucks. Fraud! Cheating! GREEDY! F*K them!


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