Waffle House – The Cook Threatened to refuse service because we did not tip his wife - Waffle House

Address: Waffle House Monkey Junction Wilmington, North Carolina
Phone: 910-397-0110
Contact: Jerry Peters, the cook on duty and his wife

We frequent the Waffle House Monkey Junction location in Wilmington, NC up to 2-3 times per week. As a family we meet there when we all get off work. We have always had a pleasant experience until tonight 01/12/13 at 11 PM.

Our waitress was the worst we have ever had. It was obvious that she did not want to work. Her attitude and the service she provided was really bad, Her husband is the cook there, Jerry Peters I think that is his name. We always tip but decided that the service was not worthy of a tip so we did not leave one.

When we started to leave after paying, the cook proceeded to put his hand on my son’s shoulder and said that if we did not tip his wife, we would be banned from his restaurant. I have been in hotel business for 25 years and unless the customer is being out of order, you do not put your hand on a guest. my son is also a minor, We spent $28.00 and did not receive all of our order. No fresh beverages nor our toast.

Maybe husband and wife should not work the same shifts if this is the way it wil be run. As much as we have enjoyed Waffle House for over 15 yrs, we will not patronize the business again or especially this one. Ihop has opened across the street and also is a 24 hr restaurant. I would like to add that I spoke with the cook and offered to bring a tip back for his wife if that was the issue. He just said that tips are mandatory. Well service should be also. So disappointed. He also said that we never tip, but I have receipts to prove differently. each time is has been $5.00 tip except tonight.

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