I have filed a fraud compliant with my bank about Testoril - Testoril

This company Premium Nutraceuticals located in Martinez Georgia runs an add to try their product for 30 days pay $4,95 shipping but they hide the fact that on the 14th day they raid your bank account for $89.99 for a membership fee! They did this to me on the 13th day!!!

even contacting them at 1-800-468-7861 did no good refused to let me return the product as for money back as stated in their ad, the product is worthless, this is a total scam they also will continue to take “membership money ” from your account is you do not close it.

I have filed a fraud compliant with my bank they will investigate, but I am out $89.99 and have to cancel my debit card because of these crooks.

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well they did the same to me , i did send back the product but they refuse to receive it , they are total scam everybody, we need to take that to the next level , big lawsuit .

They did the same thing to me and i even cancelled that same day I ordered. just got off the phone with them and got 50% back…. but they said they do not give refunds… what about the trial? I never even got a first bottle…. I got billed 89.99….. I’m getting 45.00 back…. its still not enough…. how can these people look at themselves in the mirror? knowing that they are scamming people out of their money and telling them… sorry you have read it all before you bought or signed on to this. No Refunds! this is so… Read more »

they did the same to me i took a survey they said i won free sample just pay shiping and handling 4.95 put on my charge card they billed for that then 89.99

This happen to me to can we do anythig about this this so wrong

Hi Michael Wilson
Since I got the first try of your produce(TESTORIL0). I have not try yet! Today I received your another same produce delivery to my home address without any order Plus, charge to my account, I will send it back to your company and get back my refund . Please make CANCELLATION and STOP delivery to my home address,

I agree with Mr. Curley; slapped with an $89.99 on the 13th day I was livid! I tried to cancel with my bank, I also called the company, when they had to explain (what wasn’t printed on the link) the ambush technique this company used. I only authorized the $4.99 as I assumed it was for postage. Okay? so the bank investigates, and they arrive at the same conclusion: "you gave them your debit card number" However, extremely misleading. I want to find out what agency allows them to sell over state lines. By the way folks. I forgot the… Read more »

Dale Morgan: This was obviously an error in his typing. Chill out…

You lost $89.99, not $8,999. I agree it’s a bad deal, but you’re grossly overstating the damages.


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