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I signed a contract last fall of 2012 after their sales person told me they could easily sell 10,000 copies of my book. I submitted my final manuscript on 4 January 2013 they then emailed me with a timeline stating it would take almost a year to publish my book. Almost a year which was never mentioned in the contract I signed and if it was I would surely never signed it!!!! After I signed the contract then all I received from them were periodic emails coaching me on how to market my book.

This is when I questioned myself, why am I marketing my book when I am paying them this service.

For the two months or so of receiving emails from them I then realized it was time to end the relationship and cut my loses and requested a termination and ask for my work back with a refund. I felt they were just stalling and buying time for me to market my book until release. This is when I grew very impatient and was extremely disappointed with their absent customer service and asked to terminate my contract at my convenience on 4 March 2013 and for them to return my work.

To date they still have not shown me any services done to my work; but they would honor my termination and ask if I would assume all financial obligations and for them to take all of my money. Get this…they have shown me nothing they have done to my work for two months.

The shocker is they do not understand the heart of my complaint. For over two months they have sat on my work and have not shown me any attention, no status with editing, no coordination, nothing but emails from them coaching me how to market my book until it is released in the fall. To sit on my work with nothing to show what they have done and take all of my money when I ask for my work back is just plain wrong. AND they still haven’t shown me anything. There is no way I want to continue the partnership after this treatment.

As of yesterday I have sought legal consultation. Like the other lady on the previous email whose complaint was just a few weeks ago please provide your contact information as I too would like to join you as well as any others who will read this complaint. .

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