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I have read a number of the complaints that have been posted on the internet over the years involving Tate Publishing and they hardly represent the experience I have had with them. I am a retired attorney and have been spending a lot of my time researching and writing on historical events. My first effort was turned down by a number of academic publishers because they did not want to take on a new, unproven author. I accepted that and moved on to research the publishing industry further, contacted Tate and entered into a contract in 2012.

As of now (April 2013), my manuscript has been with them for a few months and is in the editing phase. There are additional steps that need to be taken and I am not expecting to see anything for the public for several more months. It has been a long process so far, but one I expected in light of what it takes to get a credible product out onto the marketplace. These things are not whipped out over night and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do their research and consider more fully what it is they are doing, their own abilities, and question if they have realistic expectations of the process. I have never run into any problems in the year that I have been with Tate, finding that all of my e-mails and phone calls are quickly and fully answered. In fact, I have enjoyed the process so much that I recently signed a second contract with them for my next book.

I am sorry to hear that there are others that have had problems with Tate, but I can only wonder if is because they have charged ahead too quickly without fully thinking about what it is they were doing. Writing a book is a difficult thing and if a writer wants instant gratification, then publish it yourself. If you want a team to work with you, then I highly recommend Tate Publishing.

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Rosalyn Zografos, Author of ‘Season of Betrayal’ and the lies posted on this site has a problem with respect. If she doesn’t get what she wants even if it is not part of the deal, she screams bloody hell. I propose we ban her book from all Christian book stores. Has anyone read it yet? She loves to cuss in it showing her true colors, and this is promoted as a Christian book?. And this business about giving money to charity for it? She doesn’t know how to deal with mentally ill people. All she does with her family who… Read more »

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