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Branch / Location of Complaint: Super 8 motel
Address: 15101 Huron Taylor, Michigan 48180

I have already had stayed there at super 8 on 03/13/13 & 03/14/13 and paid on my debit card a total of $102.00 I have receipt.I checked out out and told the two ladies I might stay maybe another day but I didn’t because I had to take of something on 03/15/13 and plus they were going up higher on their prices. So I waited to see could I get a cheaper deal.

The employees are rude and disrespectful the ones that work at front desk. It’s a man that works there that be stealing money off customers credit/debit cards and he is very rude and hard to reason with. He stole $62.00 off my card and refuse to pay it back after I had already paid him $55.00 in cash. Because he over priced me on my reservations that I had made for room to be $35.00 a day for 3 days it was much higher. He still had my information stored in his computer and I don’t think they can do that. He went and charged my card anyway knowing that he had over priced me and made my card go into decline. That was because they had already over charged me. And charged me after I had already paid them.

I had a problem with the room in 215 it was dirty, tv wasn’t working, little red bugs crawling on floor, bathroom needed to be cleaned.  I had to call front desk because tv wasn’t working and he came up to fix it. And than I had to call them again for little red bugs and they sent housekeeping up. They came and killed little strange looking bugs I think they have bedbugs.  That’s why he billed my card because I complain to him about the tv and bugs, and another reason they have a lady with a big dog living there. They are afraid to put her out so they take it out on customers.

They wait to you check out and bill your card to paid for somebody elses room and board . Now that’s identity theft .

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