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Valemount, British Columbia Canada

Well there already was problems with holding my check not just mine but because the pay roll person seems to take time and dilly and make us wait in three mounts of me working there about three times this has happened with the check out of 6 times of being paid. I was not to happy when it was the third time of them doing thins to me.

On another day i came in to work and a new girl that stared the day be for was working. Two other ladies were supposed to come in to and there were not. This does happen often were people don’t come in don’t call the work has to try and get a hold of them and it never work. Or there just no shows. Or people in the three mounts that iv ed worked there people have taken a lot of times off??????. And on that day they called in this other girl. She came in and saw that there was laundry and the cart wasn’t stacked and freaked out i side go fine me some towels as this place is short of stock we cant keep up with towels in the rooms. And we had a bit of a argument there.

So some time went on she called er mom to work and she was **** at the rooms said that i didn’t do my job and oh the others do it. That would bug anybody of putting down there work. After a 14 year old comes in yells at me about nothing being done and crabs more to her mo oh the bed s the bathrooms. I spoke up case i had had it by then. And i was explaining the shortage problem and that we’d have to wait while i get towels out of the room and wash them first before wed have any towels. So she yelled, ya i get that but bla bla i yelled explaining and i did say you f***ing idiot. And if you don’t like it get the f*** out.

Front desk lady came out and side we got customers you cant do this i walked away . Day goes on. Managers called in. Asked what happen side it was about work and lake of or what was and not done. Yes i swear yes i called name. Then im the one that **** around and side im sorry by the way. The other girl side oh well something will come up in work. She couldn’t get offered it i guess and after an apology.

Well the next day we worked they just put that girl separate from me. And then the next day was pay day the manager side she wants to talk to me and this is your last check. Ok they have the three mount thing and i’ve worked less. So i’m screwed but the way they did it and i have a 8 year old i get no time because im the new girl and said a bad word its ok the 14 year old can come in and yell at me and flip out then?

They fired another girl 4 days before christmas ans she swore i think but there seems to be problems in this place of communicating and peoples attitudes and problems with thing. There is a lest also of lots of things wrong in the hotel i have come up with. To the tune of a couple things that are really dangerous and should be looked at if i have to i will. Ill call building mangers inspectors. Im not disputing to fire me but the way of doing and the other **** others do get away with there. Should be looked into.

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